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The ZERO is now £4,995.

17 Jun 2024

Dogood Motors Announces Price Reduction to £4,995 Amidst Rising Sales and Production Volumes

London, United Kingdom — Dogood Motors, a pioneering force in the electric vehicle market, is thrilled to announce a significant price reduction for its flagship model, the ZERO. Effective immediately, the ZERO will be available at the new price of £4,995, down from £5,995.

This price reduction is made possible by Dogood Motors’ recent successes in increasing production volumes and sales, allowing economies of scale to be achieved. The company’s dedication to making sustainable transportation accessible to a broader audience is at the heart of this decision.

Key Highlights:

New Price Point: The ZERO is now more affordable than ever at £4,995, reflecting Dogood Motors’ commitment to fostering sustainable urban mobility.

Increased Production: Enhanced manufacturing efficiencies and higher volume production have enabled this price adjustment.

Continued Innovation: Dogood Motors remains dedicated to advancing electric vehicle technology and design, ensuring the ZERO continues to offer leading-edge features and performance.

The ZERO, known for its unique center steering design and efficient performance, has garnered considerable attention for its role in transforming urban mobility. With its new pricing, Dogood Motors aims to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, making a positive impact on environmental sustainability and urban life.


The ZERO is available for purchase online through the company’s website.

For more information about Dogood Motors and the ZERO, please visit

About Dogood Motors:

Dogood Motors is a leader in the electric vehicle industry, committed to developing innovative and affordable transportation solutions that promote sustainability and enhance urban mobility.

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