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Don't Compromise

Designed with functionality, so you don't have to compromise!


50.3 Miles Range

More electric range than a Ferrari

2 Adults + A Dog Seating
More space than a Lamborghini

28 MpH Maximum Speed

£1 For Full Charge

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Why choose sides when you can rule the road from the center?

We're steering away from convention—quite literally. Introducing the game-changing center steering wheel, a feature designed to redefine your driving experience from the ground up. No more 'left out' feelings in a right-hand drive country - it's time to enjoy the best of both worlds with the ZERO!

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Everything You Need Comes As Standard

We have crafted our vehicles to be complete in every sense, so you get everything you need as standard.
No more dilemmas, no more extra charges – just pure, uncomplicated vehicles.

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Soak in the Views, Not the Rain.

Experience the joy of open-air driving any time. Our standard sunroof allows you to enjoy a touch of the outdoors, whether bathing in the sun's rays or gazing at the stars. Drive with a clear, unobstructed view, whether navigating city streets or enjoying a countryside drive.



We put convenience at your fingertips. Our keyless start system and remote key mean you can get going with just a press of a button. It’s all about making your driving experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible.



Say goodbye to the stress of reversing in tight spots. Our reverse camera comes as standard, making parking and reversing safer and easier.


We take pride in creating vehicles that offer convenience, safety, and enjoyment right from the get-go. With The ZERO, you don’t have to choose or pay extra – it’s all included!

Lithium Battery 

with 50.3 Miles (80.9 Km) Range

Safety First: Monocoque Body & Aluminium

The Zero's safety isn't simply a feature; it's a fundamental part of our design philosophy. Our vehicles are built with a monocoque design, a construction technique that integrates the body and chassis into a single unit. This unified structure, made entirely from aluminium, enhances the vehicle's strength and rigidity, providing an additional layer of safety.

Aluminium, a lightweight yet sturdy metal, is known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Its inherent properties allow our vehicles to offer agile performance without compromising on structural integrity. The robust aluminium body of our electric vehicles forms a solid protective shell around you, offering enhanced resistance in case of impact.

Read more about safety

Image by Max Zhdanov

Driving Essentials, Design Follows Function


Bluetooth Connectivity

Stay connected on the go with our built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Whether you want to stream your favorite playlist, make hands-free calls, or use your phone's navigation, our Bluetooth system has got you covered.



Enjoy an immersive audio experience with our in-built speakers. Whether it's your morning podcast, an audiobook, or the latest hit song, our audio system ensures you enjoy every journey.


Radio & USB Charging

Tune into your favorite radio stations with our radio feature. Keep your devices charged on the go with our integrated USB charging ports. Whether you need to power your phone, tablet, or any other USB device, your vehicle has the power you need.

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Nationwide Assurance: Driving with Peace of Mind

At Dogood Motors, we believe in extending our commitment to customer satisfaction far beyond the initial purchase of your ZERO vehicle.


Understanding that reliable and expert care is paramount, we’ve taken a unique approach to aftersales service that's as innovative as our vehicles.

Tailored Aftersales Partnerships:

Rather than maintaining a fixed network of service centres, we offer a more personalized approach. We have a comprehensive database of over 400 EV expert aftersales workshops across the country.


Once you purchase a Dogood ZERO, we actively collaborate with these workshops to ensure they can serve you effectively.

Simple and Straightforward Servicing:

The ZERO is designed to be as hassle-free as possible, not just in daily use but also when it comes to maintenance. Servicing our electric vehicle is straightforward due to its simple and efficient design.


Also, an electric motor is far less complex than a combustion engine, which involves hundreds of moving components like pistons, crankshafts, and valves. There are no oil changes, either! This reduction in mechanical complexity significantly decreases the likelihood of parts failing and needing repair, leading to lower maintenance needs and costs.


This ensures that any aftersales service can be conducted quickly and without unnecessary complications.

Custom Deals for Every Customer:

We understand that each customer's needs and locations are unique. Post-purchase, we take the initiative to contact aftersales workshops on your behalf. We negotiate and finalize the best possible service deals, ensuring that you receive quality service that’s easily accessible.

A workshop not in our database? No worries!

Case-by-Case Collaboration for Nationwide Coverage

We offer a new, flexible service model that allows us to collaborate with any repair and after-sales service shop nationwide.


Whether it's a specialist tucked away in the Scottish Highlands or a trusted local garage in the heart of London, we can work with them on a case-by-case basis. This ensures that convenient service for your Zero is always within reach wherever you are.

Seamless Service, Everywhere

No pre-made agreements? No problem. Our new approach means that no matter where you find yourself in the UK, you can count on us to coordinate with high-quality service providers to get you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. From routine maintenance to more complex repairs, you'll receive the same high standard of care!

Always Here for You

We're committed to ensuring that every mile you travel in your Zero is supported by reliable service — because your satisfaction is at the centre of everything we do!

No Fuss, All Charge;
Charge Like Your Smartphone

Charging your Zero is as simple as plugging it into the same regular socket you use for your toaster.


Our vehicles are designed with user-friendly charging systems, ensuring you can power up your vehicle conveniently and effortlessly. It's as simple as plugging in your phone!

FAQ's about charging

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Park With Ease

No more cruising around blocks searching for a parking spot or worrying about tight parallel parking maneuvers.

Thanks to its ingenious design, The ZERO can accomplish vertical parking, defying conventional limitations to fit neatly into just 1/4 of a regular parking space!

Color Stain


Range (WMTC)

50.3 Miles

Motor Power

2.2 Kw

Top Speed

28 Mph

Battery Capacity

4.8 kWh

Weight without the Battery

354 Kg

Weight with the Battery

414 Kg


MacPherson Strut Suspension

•Electric Windows

•One-button Start

•Remote Key


•LED Lights


White Structure

 All you have to do is choose the color you want!

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